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is the General co-ordinator and Apostle to the DOMINION ARMIES OF GOD MINISTRY. A man called of God through'a a divine encounter with God in 1996, with the mandate to RAISE HIM THE MOST SOPHISTICATED PEOPLE ON EARTH.. That through this armies it SHALL NO LONGER BE SAID THE WONDERS OF EGYPT BUT THE WONDERS OF ZION. The Lord also sent two of His Strong angels to set His servant on a seat no one has ever sat before, like the goal of the Ass seat which has grown into a full Ass.

The Lord declared him THE GREATEST APOSTLE OF HIS POWER. They are also called God's END-TIME armies, the indomitable lions, the Joel's armies, the matching forward champions, the JOSHUA-CALEB GENERATION that are unstoppable, the spirit of just-men made perfect, the fire people.. These are the names God Almighty named onbthem. Through His servant. He is taking the dynamic gospel of our Lord Jesus Christto the uttermost part of the earth through the DEMONSTRATION OF HIS SPIRIT, POWER AND GLORY. God is set to dwarf the wonders of Moses and all the wonders of old through His servant, as He opens up all the CHAMBERS IN THE UPPER ROOM OF THE GREAT WHITE HOUSE OF GLORY IN HEAVEN TO UNLEASH THE WONDERS OF HIS WORKS AND MANY END-TIME GLORIES. A Cloud of Glory greater than that which followed the Israelites has began her journey as the Lord told his servant 2019;"FORTY YEARS OF GLORY, THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGAN". The greatest season in God's calendar for mankind in exploit and accomplishing the mysteries of God has just began. Therefore join this marching forward champions in their triumphant walk lsi you don't become a spectator in the ARENA OF GLORY that has began alreadu. The Lord has released His GLOBAL HARVEST FIRE over the earth and He is raising GLOBAL CHAMPIONS IN ALL FIELDS OF SPIRITUAL AND HUMAN ENDEAVOURS. He is doing EARTH-SHAKING THINGS by the OUTSTRETCHED ARM IF THE LORD that has already been released. More angels and spiritual personalities never before known, heard or seen have already taken their positions to do Marvel's this time. Angel Gregory the angel in charge of EARTH-SHAKING, ANGELS Angels Israel and Zion and a host of great heavenly host with the heavenly CLOUD OF WITNESSES are a standing up for this generation. THINGS and others are already standing by JOSEPHI-ISRAEL is also the founder of GLOBALWATCH NETWORK. Dedicated to bringing Righteousness in all frontiers of our endeavours through internet, television and radio broadcast. From news, to sport, cartons, educational, documentary, ancient civilization, universal knowledge and the Spiritual. So that people can have acess to their regular, , good and healthy programmes without perversive and evil contents, intrusion and prepare a generation ready for the Lord. By strict divine mandate to write three sets of gerational scripture books and not just inspirational writings APOSTLE JOSEPHI-ISRAEL has been most blessed with the most unsual encounters you could ever hear or read. Of His many direct encounters with our LORD JESUS AND THE ALMIGHTY FATHER that will surely cause a revelution in your life. Tough for the natural man to believe or understand but not to the one who is spiritual and can compare spiritual truth with spiritual. Among some of the books written are: -Tenis against the storm - The Wicked gateman -New conver'ts guide. -Before you marry. - It won't fail if it is faith. -Divine health your heritage; why you can't be sick. - Roses from the ruins'. -Covenant wealth of God. -Overcoming Temptations Temptations. -Divine activation of the END-TIME GLORY by the ALMIGHTY Father. - The Spirit of the last days. -Posessng your posessions .-His Spirit, Power and Glory -Audacity if faith -Mathematical law of prophecy ...and many others. Your are therefore welcome to the world of the DOMINION ARMIES OF GOD AND APOSTLE JOSEPHI-ISRAEL FOR ALL-NATIONS, as your journey with us to realms of GLORY AND EXPLOITS never before contemplated since the world began. For now creation is delivered from the bondage of corruption into the GLORIOUS LIBERTIES OF THE SONS OF GOD SHALOM!

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